Starting the process.

So I wrote a query letter.  The first query letter I had ever written actually.  I’ve read a few things (read tons) about writing the query, finding an agent, publishing contracts, etc. maybe a month ago, lying on the sofa scrolling through Chuck Sambuchino’s blog.  So I thought I was ready.  I was not ready.  The first draft was so terrible that it could not have been edited enough to make it good, so when I hit the X to close the document and Word informed me that I had not saved, and asked me if I would like to do so before closing the file, I clicked “no”.

I’m not sure why after spending months elbow deep in this story that I could not come up with a synopsis.  Do I not know what my own book is about?  I asked my beta reader to help me come up with a synopsis.  I actually asked him to write it.  He did neither of those things.  So I went back to the internet and found a tidy little template for writing a query: a hook, a synopsis, a bio and done.  I read successful queries, then attempted to write one as clever and conversational as the book is, you know, to reflect my style.  This second attempt was savable.

Now to send it.  Several days have been spent looking at agent bios, publishing companies, and taking notes.  I found this nice little group of agents that might be a good fit and decided to send off my query and a portion of my manuscript.  The prospect fills me with something like dread, in that it makes me want to vomit, but also something else which makes me want to cry.  It could be joy, fear, or hope.  Maybe a mixture of all three.

Here goes nothing!

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